Bible Verses About Midianites

    Descended form Midian, son of Abraham by Keturah  Ge 25:1,2; 1Ch 1:32
    Dwelt east of Jordan, beside Moab  Nu 22:1,4
    A small part of
      Dwelt near Horeb.  Ex 2:15; 3:1
      Retained the knowledge and worship of Jehovah.  Ex 2:16; 18:9-12
    Governed by kings  Nu 31:8; Jdj 8:5
    Dwelt in tents  Hab 3:7
    Engaged in commerce  Ge 37:28,36
    Conquered by Hadad  Ge 36:25; 1Ch 1:46
    Excited by Moab against Israel  Nu 22:4
    Terrified at approach of Israel  Hab 3:3-7
    With the moabites
      Sent for Balaam to curse Israel.  Nu 22:5-7
      Seduced Israel to idolatry.  Nu 25:1-6
      Punished for seducing Israel.  Nu 25:16-18; 31:1-12
    Allowed to oppress Israel  Jdj 6:1-6
    Gideon raised up against  Jdj 6:11-14
    With Amalek, &c opposed Gideon  Jdj 6:33
    Miraculously defeated and destroyed by Gideon  Jdj 7:16-22; 8:10,11
    Princes of, slain  Jdj 7:24,25; 8:12,21
    Completeness of their destruction, alluded to  Ps 83:9-11; Isa 9:4; 10:26
    Shall minister to future glory of the church  Isa 60:6