Bible Verses About Milk

    An animal secretion, of a white colour  La 4:7
    Used as food by the Jews  Ge 18:8; Jdj 5:25
    Different kinds mentioned
      Of cows.  De 32:14; 1Sa 6:7
      Of camels.  Ge 32:15
      Of goats.  Pr 27:27
      Of sheep.  De 32:14
      Of sea-monsters.  La 4:3
    Flocks and herds fed for supply of  Pr 27:23,27; Isa 7:21,22; 1Co 9:7
    Canaan abounded with  Ex 3:8,17; Jos 5:6
    Made into Kept by the Jews in bottles  Jdj 4:19
    Young animals not to be seethed in that of the mother  Ex 23:19
    Illustrative of
      Temporal blessings.  Ge 49:12
      Blessings of the gospel.  Isa 55:1; Joe 3:18
      First principles of God's word.  1Co 3:2; Heb 5:12; 1Pe 2:2
      Godly and edifying discourses.  Song 4:11
      Wealth of the Gentiles.  Isa 60:16
      Doctrines of the gospel.  Song 5:1