Bible Verses About Miracles Through Evil Agents

Miracles Through Evil Agents.
    Performed through the power of the devil  2Th 2:9; Re 16:14
      In support of false religions.  De 13:1-2
      By false christs.  Mt 24:24
      By false prophets.  Mt 24:24; Re 19:20
    A mark of the Apostasy  2Th 2:3,9; Re 13:13
    Not to be regarded  De 13:3
    Deceive the ungodly  2Th 2:10-12; Re 13:14; 19:20
      Magicians of Egypt.  Ex 7:11,22; 8:7
      Witch of Endor.  1Sa 28:7-14
      Simon Magus.  Ac 8:9-11