Bible Verses About Moabites

    Descended from Lot  Ge 19:37
      Children of Lot.  De 2:9
      People of Chemosh.  Nu 21:29; Jer 48:46
    Are given to, as a possession  De 2:9
    Separated from the Amorites by the river Arnon  Nu 21:13
    Expelled the ancient Emims  De 2:9-11
    Possessed many and great cities  Nu 21:28,30; Isa 15:1-4; Jer 48:21-24
    Governed by kings  Nu 23:7; Jos 24:9
    Described as Deprived of a large part of their territories by the Amorites  Nu 21:26
    Refused to let Israel pass  Jdj 11:17,18
    Alarmed at the number, &c of Israel  Nu 22:3
    With Midian send for Balaam to curse Israel  Nu 22:1-24:25
      Enticed to idolatry by.  Nu 25:1-3
      Forbidden to spoil.  De 2:9; Jdj 11:15
      Forbidden to make leagues with.  De 23:6
      Sometimes intermarried with.  Ru 1:4; 1Ki 11:1; 1Ch 8:8; Ne 13:23
    Excluded from the congregation of Israel forever  De 23:3,4; Ne 13:1,2
    Always hostile to Israel  Ps 83:6; Eze 25:8
    Harassed and subdued by Saul  1Sa 14:47
    Gave an asylum to David's family  1Sa 22:4
    Made tributary to David  2Sa 8:2,12
    Benaiah slew two champions of  2Sa 23:20
    Paid tribute of sheep and wool to the king of Israel  2Ki 3:4; Isa 16:1
    Revolted from Israel after the death of Ahab  2Ki 1:1; 3:5
    Israel and Judah joined against  2Ki 3:6,7
    Miraculously deceived by the colour of the water  2Ki 3:21-24
    Conquered by Israel and Judah  2Ki 3:24-26
    King of, sacrificed his son to excite animosity against Israel  2Ki 3:27
    Joined Babylon against Judah  2Ki 24:2
    Prophesies respecting
      Terror on account of Israel.  Ex 15:15
      Desolation and grief.  Isa 15:1-9; 16:2-11
      Inability to avert destruction.  Isa 16:12
      To destroyed in three years.  Isa 16:13,14
      To be captives in Babylon.  Jer 27:3,8; 48:7
      Their desolation as a punishment for their hatred of Israel.  Jer 48:26,27; Eze 25:8,9
      Restoration from captivity.  Jer 48:47
      Subjugation to Messiah.  Nu 24:17; Isa 25:10
      Subjugation to Israel.  Isa 11:14