Bible Verses About Moon The

Moon, The.
    Created by God  Ge 1:14; Ps 8:3
    Made to glorify God  Ps 148:3
    Called the lesser light  Ge 1:16
    Described as Has a glory of its own  1Co 15:41
      To divide day from night.  Ge 1:14
      For signs and seasons.  Ge 1:14; Ps 104:19
      For a light in the firmament.  Ge 1:15
      To light the earth by night.  Jer 31:35
      To rule the night.  Ge 1:16; Ps 136:9
      By an ordinance for ever.  Ps 72:5,7; 89:37; Jer 31:36
      For the benefit of all.  De 4:19
    Influences vegetation  De 33:14
    First appearance of, a time of festivity  1Sa 20:5,6; Ps 81:3
    Miracles connected with
      Standing still in Ajalon.  Jos 10:12,13
      Signs in, before the destruction of Jerusalem.  Lu 21:25
    Lunacy attributed to the influence of  Ps 121:6; Mt 4:24
    Worshipped as the queen of heaven  Jer 7:18; 44:17-19,25
    Worshipping of
      Forbidden to the Jews.  De 4:19
      Condemned as atheism.  Job 31:26,28
      To be punished with death.  De 17:3-6
      Jews often guilty of.  2Ki 23:5; Jer 8:2
      Jews punished for.  Jer 8:1-3
      Of glory of Christ in the Church.  Isa 60:20
      Of fairness of the Church.  Song 6:10
      Of changeableness of the world.  Re 12:1
      (Becoming blood,) of judgments.  Re 6:12
      (Withdrawing her light,) of deep calamities.  Isa 13:10; Joe 2:10; 3:15; Mt 24:29