Bible Verses About Mule The

Mule, The.
    First mention of  Ge 36:24
    Stupid and intractable  Ps 32:9
    Used for
      Riding, by persons of distinction.  2Sa 13:29; 18:9; 1Ki 1:33
      Carrying burdens.  2Ki 5:17; 1Ch 12:40
      Conveying posts and messengers.  Es 8:10,14
    Liable to the plague  Zec 14:15
    Food of  1Ki 4:28; 18:5
    The Jews
      Forbidden to breed.  Le 19:19
      Set a great value upon.  1Ki 18:5
      Brought many, from Babylon.  Ezr 2:66
      Shall used, at the restoration.  Isa 66:20
    Of Togarmah, sold in fairs of Tyre  Eze 27:14
    Often given as tribute  1Ki 10:25