Bible Verses About Swine

    When wild inhabited the woods  Ps 80:13
    Unclean and not to be eaten  Le 11:7,8
      Fierce and ungenerous.  Mt 7:6
      Filthy in its habits.  2Pe 2:22
      Destructive to agriculture.  Ps 80:13
    Fed upon husks  Lu 15:16
    Sacrificing of, and abomination  Isa 66:3
    Kept in large herds  Mt 8:30
    Herding of, considered as the greatest degradation to a Jew  Lu 15:15
    The Gergesenes punished for having  Mt 8:31,32; Mr 5:11,14
    The ungodly Jews condemned for eating  Isa 65:4; 66:17
    Illustrative of
      The wicked.  Mt 7:6
      Hypocrites.  2Pe 2:22