Bible Verses About Synagogues

    Places in which the Jews assembled for worship  Ac 13:5,14
    Early notice of their existence  Ps 74:8
    Probably originated in the schools of the prophets  1Sa 19:18-24; 2Ki 4:23
    Revival of, after the captivity  Ne 8:1-8
    Service of, consisted of
      Prayer.  Mt 6:5
      Reading the word of God.  Ne 8:18; 9:3; 13:1; Ac 15:21
      Expounding the word of God.  Ne 8:8; Lu 4:21
      Praise and thanksgiving.  Ne 9:5
    Service in, on the Sabbath day  Lu 4:16; Ac 13:14
    Governed by
      A president or chief ruler.  Ac 18:8,17
      Ordinary rulers.  Mr 5:22; Ac 13:15
    Provided with a minister, who had charge of the sacred books  Lu 4:17,20
    Had seats fro the congregation  Ac 13:14
    Chief seats in, reserved for elders  Mt 23:6
    The portion of Scripture for the day sometimes read by one of the congregation  Lu 4:16
    Strangers were invited to address the congregation in  Ac 13:15
    Christ often
      Attended.  Lu 4:16
      Preached and taught in.  Mt 4:23; Mr 1:39; Lu 13:10
      Performed miracles in.  Mt 12:9,10; Mr 1:23; Lu 13:11
    The Apostles frequently taught and preached in  Ac 9:20; 13:5; 17:1,17
    Often used as courts of justice  Ac 9:2; Jas 2:2
    Offenders were often
      Given up to, for trial.  Lu 12:11; 21:12
      Punished in.  Mt 10:17; 23:34; Ac 22:19
      Expelled from.  Joh 9:22,34; 12:42; 16:2
    The building of, considered a noble and meritorious work  Lu 7:5
    Sometimes several, in the same city  Ac 6:9; 9:2
    Each sect had its own  Ac 6:9