Bible Verses About Tabernacle

    Moses was commanded to make after a divine pattern  Ex 25:9; 26:30; Heb 8:5
    Made of the free-will offerings of the people  Ex 25:1-8; 35:4,5,21-29
    Divine wisdom given to Bezaleel to make  Ex 31:2-7; 35:30-35; 36:1
    Called the
      Tabernacle of the Lord.  Jos 22:19; 1Ki 2:28; 1Ch 16:39
      Tabernacle of testimony or witness.  Ex 38:21; Nu 1:50; 17:7,8; 2Ch 24:6; Ac 7:44
      Tabernacle of the congregation.  Ex 27:21; 33:7; 40:26
      Tabernacle of Shiloh.  Ps 78:60
      Tabernacle of Joseph.  Ps 78:67
      Temple of the Lord.  1Sa 1:9; 3:3
      House of the Lord.  Jos 6:24; 1Sa 1:7,24
    Was a moveable tent suited to the unsettled condition of Israel  2Sa 7:6,7
    Designed for manifestation of God's presence and for his worship  Ex 25:8; 29:42,43
    The boards of
      Made of shittim wood.  Ex 26:15; 36:20
      Ten cubits high by one and a half broad.  Ex 26:16; 36:21
      Had each two tenons fitted into sockets of silver.  Ex 26:17,19; 36:22-24
      Twenty on south side.  Ex 26:18; 36:23
      Twenty on north side.  Ex 26:20; 36:25
      Six, and two corner boards for west side.  Ex 26:22-25; 36:27-30
      Supported by bars of shittim wood resting in rings of gold.  Ex 26:26-29; 36:31-33
      With the bars, covered with gold.  Ex 26:26-29; 36:34
    The door of, a curtain of blue and purple suspended by gold rings from five pillars of shittim wood  Ex 26:36,37; 36:37,38
    Coverings of
      The first or inner, ten curtains of blue, purple, &c joined with loops and golden taches.  Ex 26:1-6; 36:8-13
      The second, eleven curtains of goats' hair.  Ex 26:7-13; 36:14-18
      The third of rams' skins dyed red.  Ex 26:14; 36:19
      The fourth or outward of badgers' skins.  Ex 26:14; 36:19
    Divided by a vail of blue, purple, suspended from four pillars of shittim  Ex 26:31-33; 36:35,36; 40:21
    Divided into Had a court round about  Ex 40:8
    The table of show-bread, the golden candlestick, and the altar of incense were place in the holy place  Ex 26:35; 40:22,24,26; Heb 9:2
    The ark and mercy-seat put in the most holy place  Ex 26:33,34; 40:20,21; Heb 9:4
    Court of
      One hundred cubits long and fifty cubits wide.  Ex 27:18
      Surrounded by curtains of fine line suspended from pillars in sockets of brass.  Ex 27:9-15; 38:9-16
      The gate of, a hanging of blue, purple, &c twenty cubits wide, suspended from four pillars, &c.  Ex 27:16; 38:18
      Contained the brazen altar and laver of brass.  Ex 40:29,30
      All the pillars of, filleted with silver, &c.  Ex 27:17; 38:17
      All the vessels of, made of brass.  Ex 27:19
    First reared, on the first day of the second year after the exodus  Ex 40:2,17
    Was set up
      By Moses at Mount Sinai.  Ex 40:18,19; Nu 10:11,12
      At Gilgal.  Jos 5:10,11
      In Shiloh.  Jos 18:1; 19:51
      In Nob.  1Sa 21:1-6
      Finally at Gibeon.  1Ch 16:39; 21:29
    Anointed and consecrated with oil  Ex 40:9; Le 8:10; Nu 7:1
    Sprinkled and purified with blood  Heb 9:21
    Sanctified by the glory of the Lord  Ex 29:43; 40:34; Nu 9:15
    The Lord appeared in, over the mercy-seat  Ex 25:22; Le 16:2; Nu 7:89
    The cloud of glory rested on, by night and day during its abode in the wilderness  Ex 40:38; Nu 9:15,16
    The journeys of Israel regulated by the cloud on  Ex 40:36,37
    The priests
      Alone could enter.  Nu 18:3,5
      Performed all services in.  Nu 3:10; 18:1,2; Heb 9:6
      Were the ministers of.  Heb 8:2
    The Levites
      Appointed over, and had charge of.  Nu 1:50; 8:24; 18:2-4
      Did the inferior service of.  Nu 3:6-8
      Took down, and put up.  Nu 1:51
      Carried.  Nu 4:15,25,31
      Pitched their tents around.  Nu 1:53; 3:23,29,35
    Free-will offerings made at the first rearing of  Nu 7:1-9
    Free-will offerings made at the dedication of the altar of  Nu 7:10-87
    All offerings to be made at  Le 17:4; De 12:5,6,11,13,14
    Punishment for defiling  Le 15:31; Nu 19:13
    A permanent house substituted for, when the kingdom was established  2Sa 7:5-13
      Of Christ.  Isa 4:6; Joh 1:14; Heb 9:8,9,11
      Of the Church.  Ps 15:1; Isa 16:5; 54:2; Heb 8:2; Re 21:2,3
      Of the body.  2Co 5:1; 2Pe 1:13
      (The holy of holies,) of heaven.  Heb 6:19,20; 9:12,24; 10:19
      (The vail,) of Christ's body.  Heb 10:20
      (The vail,) of the obscurity of the Mosaic age.  Heb 9:8,10; Ro 16:25,26; Re 11:19