Bible Verses About Tents

    Origin and antiquity of  Ge 4:20
    Called Were spread out  Isa 40:22
    Fastened by cords to stakes or nails  Isa 54:2; Jer 10:20; Jdj 4:21
    Were used by
      Patriarchs.  Ge 13:5; 25:27; Heb 11:9
      Israel in the desert.  Ex 33:8; Nu 24:2
      The people of Israel in all their wars.  1Sa 4:3,10; 29:1; 1Ki 16:16
      The Rechabites.  Jer 35:7,10
      The Arabs.  Isa 13:20
      Shepherds while tending their flocks.  Song 1:8; Isa 38:12
      All eastern nations.  Jdj 6:5; 1Sa 17:4; 2Ki 7:7; 1Ch 5:10
    Separate, for females of the family  Ge 24:67
    Separate, for the servants  Ge 31:33
    Were pitched
      With order and regularity.  Nu 1:52
      In the neighbourhood of wells, &c.  Ge 13:10,12; 26:17,18; 1Sa 29:1
      Under trees.  Ge 18:1,4; Jdj 4:5
      On the tops of houses.  2Sa 16:22
    Sending persons to seek a convenient place for, alluded to  De 1:33
    Ease and rapidity of their removal, alluded to  Isa 38:12
    Of the Jews contrasted with those of the Arabs  Nu 24:5; Song 1:5
    Custom of sitting and standing at the door of  Ge 18:1; Jdj 4:20
      (Spread out,) of the heavens.  Isa 40:22
      (Enlarging of,) of the great extension of the Church.  Isa 54:2