Bible Verses About Theft

    Is an abomination  Jer 7:9,10
    Forbidden  Ex 20:15; Mr 10:19; Ro 13:9
    From the poor specially forbidden  Pr 22:2
    Includes fraud in general  Le 19:13
    Includes fraud concerning wages  Le 19:13; Mal 3:5; Jas 5:4
    Proceeds from the heart  Mt 15:19
    Defiles a man  Mt 15:20
    The wicked
      Addicted to.  Ps 119:61
      Store up the fruits of.  Am 3:10
      Lie in wait to commit.  Ho 6:9
      Commit, under shelter of the night.  Job 24:14; Ob 1:5
      Consent to show who commit.  Ps 50:18
      Associate with those who commit.  Isa 1:23
      May, for a season, prosper in.  Job 12:6
      Plead excuses for.  Jer 7:9,10
      Repent not of.  Re 9:21
      Destroy themselves by.  Pr 21:7
    Connected with murder  Jer 7:9; Ho 4:2
    Shame follows the detection of  Jer 2:26
    Brings a curse on those who commit it  Ho 4:2,3; Zec 5:3,4; Mal 3:5
    Brings the wrath of God upon those who commit it  Eze 22:29,31
    Excludes from heaven  1Co 6:10
    They who connive at
      Hate their own souls.  Pr 29:24
      Shall be reproved of God.  Ps 50:18,21
    Mosaic law respecting  Ex 22:1-8
    Saints All earthly treasure exposed to  Mt 6:19
    Heavenly treasure secure from  Mt 6:20; Lu 12:33
    Woe denounced against  Isa 10:2; Na 3:1
    Illustrates the guilt of false teachers  Jer 23:30; Joh 10:1,8,10
      Rachel.  Ge 31:19
      Achan.  Jos 7:21
      Shechemites.  Jdj 9:25
      Micah.  Jdj 17:2