Bible Verses About Theocracy The or Immediate Government By God

Theocracy, The, or Immediate Government By God.
    Lasted from the deliverance out of Egypt until the appointment of kings  Ex 19:4-6; 1Sa 8:7
    Was established on
      The right of redemption.  Ex 6:6,7; 2Sa 7:23; Isa 43:3
      The right of covenant.  De 26:17-19
    Consisted in his
      Promulgating laws.  Ex 20:1-23:33
      Directing the movements of the nation.  Ex 40:36,37; Nu 9:17-23
      Proclaiming war.  Ex 17:14-16; Nu 31:1,2; Jos 6:2,3; 8:1
      Appointing civil officers.  Ex 3:10; Nu 27:18,20
      Appointing ecclesiastical officers.  Ex 28:1; 40:12-15
      Being the supreme judge.  Nu 9:8-11; 15:34,35; 27:5-11
      Exercise of the prerogative of mercy.  Nu 14:20; De 9:18-20
      Distribution of conquered lands.  Jos 13:1-7
      Exacting tribute.  Ex 35:4-29; Le 27:30; De 16:16; 26:1-4
    The tabernacle designed as a royal residence for God during  Ex 25:8; Le 26:11,12
    The emblem of the divine presence appeared over the tabernacle during  Nu 9:15,16
    Guilt of Israel in rejecting  1Sa 2:17