Bible Verses About Threshing

    The removing or separating corn, &c form the straw  1Ch 21:20
    Was performed Cattle employed in, not to be muzzled  De 25:4; 1Co 9:9; 1Ti 5:18
    Continued until the vintage in years of abundance  Le 26:5
    The place for
      Called the floor.  Jdj 6:37; Isa 21:10
      Called the threshing floor.  Nu 18:27; 2Sa 24:18
      Called the barn-floor.  2Ki 6:27
      Called the corn-floor.  Ho 9:1
      Was large and roomy.  Ge 50:10
      Generally on high ground.  1Ch 21:18; 2Ch 3:1
      Sometimes beside the wine-press for concealment.  Jdj 6:11
      Used for winnowing the corn.  Ru 3:2
      Often robbed.  1Sa 23:1
      The Jews slept on, during the time of.  Ru 3:7
      Fulness of, promised as a blessing.  Joe 2:24
      Scarcity in, a punishment.  Ho 9:2
    Followed by a winnowing with a shovel or fan  Isa 30:24; 41:16; Mt 3:12
      Of the judgments of God.  Isa 21:10; Jer 51:33; Hab 3:12
      Of the labours of ministers.  1Co 9:9,10
      Of the church in her conquests.  Isa 41:15,16; Mic 4:13
      (Gathering the sheaves for,) of preparing the enemies of the Church for judgments.  Mic 4:12
      (Dust made by,) of complete destruction.  2Ki 13:7; Isa 41:15
      (An instrument for, with teeth,) of the Church overcoming opposition.  Isa 41:15