Bible Verses About Trespass Offering

Trespass Offering.
    Esteemed as a sin offering, and frequently so called  Le 5:6,9
    To be offered
      For concealing knowledge of a crime.  Le 5:1
      For involuntarily touching unclean things.  Le 5:2,3
      For rash swearing.  Le 5:4
      For sins of ignorance in holy things.  Le 5:15
      For any sin of ignorance.  Le 5:17
      For breach of trust, or fraud.  Le 6:2-5
    Was a most holy offering  Le 14:13
    Consisted of
      A she lamb or kid.  Le 5:6
      A ram without blemish.  Le 5:15; 6:6
      Two turtle doves by those unable to bring a lamb.  Le 5:7-10
      A meat offering by the very poor.  Le 5:11-13
    Being for minor offences was lessened for the poor, not so the sin offering  Le 4:1-5:19
    Atonement made by  Le 5:6,10,13,16,18; 6:7; 19:22
    Accompanied by confession  Le 5:5
    Generally accompanied by restitution  Le 5:16; 6:5
    To be slain where the sin offering and burnt offering were slain  Le 14:13; Eze 40:39
    Sometimes waved alive before the Lord  Le 14:12,13
    Special occasions of offering
      Cleansing of a leper.  Le 14:2,12-14,21,22
      Purification of women.  Le 12:6-8
      Purification of those with issues.  Le 15:14,15
      Purification of Nazarites who had broken their vow.  Nu 6:12
      For connection with a betrothed bondmaid.  Le 19:20-22
    Was the perquisites of the priest  Le 14:13; Eze 44:29
    Illustrative of Christ  Isa 53:10; Eze 46:20