Bible Verses About Tribes of Israel The

Tribes of Israel, The.
    Were twelve in number  Ge 49:28; Ac 26:12; Jas 1:1
    Descended from Jacob's sons  Ge 35:22-26
    Manasseh and Ephraim numbered among, instead of Joseph and Levi  Ge 48:5; Jos 14:3,4
    Predictions respecting each of  Ge 49:3-27; De 33:6-29
    Each of
      Under a president or chief.  Nu 1:4-16
      Divided into families.  Nu 1:2; 26:5-50; Jos 7:14
      Usually furnished an equal number of men for war.  Nu 31:4
    Each family of, had a chief or head  Nu 36:1; 1Ch 4:38
    Total strength of, on leaving Egypt  Ex 12:37; Nu 1:44-46; 2:32
    Divided into four divisions while in the wilderness  Nu 10:14-28
    Encamped in their divisions and by their standards round the tabernacles  Nu 2:2-31
    Canaan to be divided amongst according to their numbers  Nu 33:54
    Reuben, Gad and half Manasseh
      Settled on east side of Jordan.  De 3:12-17; Jos 13:23-32
      Were required to assist in subduing Canaan.  Nu 32:6-32; De 3:18-20
    Total strength of, on entering the land of Canaan  Nu 26:51
    Canaan divided amongst nine and a half of, by lot  Jos 14:1-5
    Situation of, and bounds of the inheritance of each  Jos 15:1-17:18
    All inheritance to remain in the tribe and family to which allotted  Nu 36:3-9
    Names of, engraven on the breastplate of the high priest  Ex 28:21; 39:14
    Divided on mounts Ebal and Gerizim to hear the law  De 27:12,13
    Remained as one people until the reign of Rehoboam  1Ki 12:16-20