Bible Verses About Truth

    God is a God of  De 32:4; Ps 31:15
    Christ is  Joh 14:6; 7:18
    Christ was full of  Joh 1:14
    Christ spoke  Joh 8:45
    The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of  Joh 14:17
    The Holy Spirit guides into all  Joh 16:13
    The word of God is  Da 10:21; Joh 17:17
    God regards, with favour  Jer 5:3
    The judgments of God are according to  Ps 96:13; Ro 2:2
    Saints should
      Worship God in.  Joh 4:24; Ps 145:18
      Serve God in.  Jos 24:14; 1Sa 12:24
      Walk before God in.  1Ki 2:4; 2Ki 20:3
      Keep religious feasts with.  1Co 5:8
      Esteem, as inestimable.  Pr 23:23
      Rejoice in.  1Co 13:6
      Speak, to one another.  Zec 8:16; Eph 4:25
      Meditate upon.  Php 4:8
      Write upon the tables of the heart.  Pr 3:3
    God desires in the heart  Ps 51:6
    The fruit of the Spirit is in  Eph 5:9
    Ministers should
      Speak.  2Co 12:6; Ga 4:16
      Teach in.  1Ti 2:7
      Approve themselves by.  2Co 4:2; 6:7,8; 7:14
    Magistrates should be men of  Ex 18:21
    Kings are preserved by  Pr 20:28
    They who speak
      Show forth righteousness.  Pr 12:17
      Shall be established.  Pr 12:19
      Are the delight of God.  Pr 12:22
    The wicked The gospel as
      Came by Christ.  Joh 1:17
    Christ bear witness to  Joh 18:37
    Is in Christ  Ro 9:1; 1Ti 2:7
    John bears witness to  Joh 5:33
    Is according to godliness  Tit 1:1
    Is sanctifying  Joh 17:17,19
    Is purifying  1Pe 1:22
    Is part of Christian armour  Eph 6:14
    Revealed abundantly to saints  Jer 33:6
    Abides continually with saints  2Jo 1:2
    Should be acknowledged  2Ti 2:25
    Should be believed  2Th 2:12,13; 1Ti 4:3
    Should be obeyed  Ro 2:8; Ga 3:1
    Should be loved  2Th 2:10
    Should be manifested  2Co 4:2
    Should be rightly divided  2Ti 2:15
    The wicked turn away from  2Ti 4:4
    The wicked resist  2Ti 3:8
    The wicked destitute of  1Ti 6:5
    The church is the pillar and ground of  1Ti 3:15
    The devil is devoid of  Joh 8:44