Bible Verses About Unity of God

Unity of God.
    A ground for obeying him exclusively  De 4:39,40
    A ground for loving him supremely  De 6:4,5; Mr 12:29,30
    Asserted by
      God himself.  Isa 44:6,8; 45:18,21
      Christ.  Mr 12:29; Joh 17:3
      Moses.  De 4:39; 6:4
      Apostles.  1Co 8:4,6; Eph 4:6; 1Ti 2:5
    Consistent with the deity of Christ and of the Holy Spirit  Joh 10:30; 1Jo 5:7; Joh 14:9-11
    Exhibited in
      His greatness and wonderful works.  2Sa 7:22; Ps 86:10
      His works of creation and providence.  Isa 44:24; 45:5-8
      His being alone possessed of fore-knowledge.  Isa 46:9-11
      His exercise of uncontrolled sovereignty.  De 32:39
      His being the sole object of worship in heaven and earth.  Ne 9:6; Mt 4:10
      His being alone good.  Mt 19:17
      His being the only Saviour.  Isa 45:21,22
      His being the only source of pardon.  Mic 7:18; Mr 2:7
      His unparalleled election and care of his people.  De 4:32-35
    The knowledge of, necessary to eternal life  Joh 17:3
    All saints acknowledge, in worshipping him  2Sa 7:22; 2Ki 19:15; 1Ch 17:20
    All should know and acknowledge  De 4:35; Ps 83:18
    May be acknowledged without saving faith  Jas 2:19,20