Bible Verses About Usury or Interest

Usury or Interest.
    The lending of money or other property for increase  Le 25:37
    Those enriched by unlawful, not allowed to enjoy their gain  Ps 28:8
    The curse attending the giving or receiving of unlawful, alluded to  Jer 15:10
    The Jews
      Forbidden to take, from brethren.  De 23:19
      Forbidden to take, from brethren specially when poor.  Ex 22:25; Le 25:35-37
      Often guilty of taking.  Ne 5:6,7; Eze 22:12
      Required to restore.  Ne 5:9-13
      Allowed to take, from strangers.  De 23:20
    True and faithful Israelites never took, from their brethren  Ps 15:5; Eze 18:8,9
    Judgments denounced against those who exacted unlawful  Isa 24:1,2; Eze 18:13
    Illustrative of the improvement of talents received from God  Mt 25:27; Lu 19:23