Bible Verses About Vail or Veil

Vail or Veil.
    A covering for the head usually worn by women  Ge 38:14
    Was worn
      As a token of modesty.  Ge 24:65
      As a token of subjection.  1Co 11:3,6,7,10
      For concealment.  Ge 38:14
    The removing of, considered rude and insolent  Song 5:7
    Removing of, threatened as a punishment to ungodly women  Isa 3:23
    Moses put one on to conceal the glory of his face  Ex 34:33; 2Co 3:13
      Of the spiritual blindness of the Gentile nations.  Isa 25:7
      Of the spiritual blindness of the Jewish nation.  2Co 3:14-16