Bible Verses About Vail the Sacred

Vail, the Sacred.
    Moses commanded to make  Ex 26:31
    Made by Bezaleel for the tabernacle  Ex 36:35
    Suspended from four pillars of shittim wood overlaid with gold  Ex 26:32
    Hung between the holy and most holy place  Ex 26:33; Heb 9:3
    Designed to conceal the ark, mercy seat, and the symbol of the divine presence  Ex 40:3
    The high priest
      Alone allowed to enter within.  Heb 9:6,7
      Allowed to enter but once a year.  Le 16:2; Heb 9:7
      Could not enter without blood.  Le 16:3; Heb 9:7
    Made by Solomon for the temple  2Ch 3:14
    Was rent at the death of our Lord  Mt 27:51; Mr 15:38; Lu 23:45
      Of the obscurity of the Mosaic age.  Heb 9:8
      Of the flesh of Christ which concealed his divinity.  Heb 10:20; Isa 53:2
      (Rending of,) of the death of Christ which opened heaven to saints.  Heb 10:19,20; 9:24