Bible Verses About Vine The

Vine, The.
    Often found wild  2Ki 4:39; Ho 9:10
      In vineyards from the time of Noah.  Ge 9:20
      On the sides of hills.  Jer 31:5
      In the valleys.  Song 6:11
      By the walls of houses.  Ps 128:3
    Required to be dressed and pruned to increase its fruitfulness  Le 25:3; 2Ch 26:10; Isa 18:5
    Canaan abounded in  De 6:11; 8:8
    Places celebrated for
      Eshcol.  Nu 13:23,24
      Sibmah.  Isa 16:8,9
      Lebanon.  Ho 14:7
      Egypt.  Ps 78:47; 80:8
    The dwarf and spreading vine particularly esteemed  Eze 17:6
    Of Sodom bad and unfit for use  De 32:32
    Often degenerated  Isa 5:2; Jer 2:21
    Frequently injured by hail and frost  Ps 78:47; 105:32,33
    Foxes destructive to  Song 2:15
    The wild boar destructive to  Ps 80:13
    The fruit of
      Called grapes.  Ge 40:10
      Peculiarly sour when unripe.  Jer 31:30
      Eaten fresh from the tree.  De 23:24
      Eaten dried.  1Sa 25:18; 30:12
      Sold in the markets.  Ne 13:15
      Made into wine.  De 32:14; Mt 26:29
    The wood of, fit only for burning  Eze 15:2-5
    Young cattle fed on its leaves and tender shoots  Ge 49:11
    Probably produced two crops of fruit in the year  Nu 13:20
    Perfumed the air with the fragrance of its flowers  Song 2:13; Ho 14:7
    God made, fruitful for his people when obedient  Joe 2:22; Zec 8:12
    Frequently made unfruitful as a punishment  Jer 8:13; Ho 2:12; Joe 1:7,12; Hag 2:19
    Sometimes cast its fruit before it came to perfection  Job 15:33; Mal 3:11
    Nazarites prohibited eating any part of  Nu 6:3,4
      Of Christ.  Joh 15:1,2
      Of Israel.  Ps 80:8; Isa 5:2,7
      (Its fruitful branches,) of saints.  Joh 15:5
      (Of unfruitful branches,) of mere professors.  Joh 15:2,6
      (Its quick growth,) of the growth of saints in grace.  Ho 14:7
      (Its rich clusters,) of the graces of the church.  Song 7:8
      (Pruning of,) of God's purifying his people by afflictions.  Joh 15:2
      (Worthlessness of its wood,) of the unprofitableness, of the wicked.  Eze 15:6,7
      (Unfruitful,) of the wicked.  Ho 10:1
      (Sitting under one's own) of peace and prosperity.  1Ki 4:25; Mic 4:4; Zec 3:10
    Proverbial allusion to fathers eating the unripe fruit of  Jer 31:29,30; Eze 18:2