Bible Verses About Vineyards

    Origin and antiquity of  Ge 9:20
    The design of planting  Ps 107:37; 1Co 9:7
    Frequently walled or fenced with hedges  Nu 22:24; Pr 24:31; Isa 5:2,5
    Cottages built in, for the keepers  Isa 1:8
    Provided with the apparatus for making wine  Isa 5:2; Mt 21:33
    The stones carefully gathered out of  Isa 5:2
    Laws respecting
      Not to be planted with different kinds of seed.  De 22:9
      Not to be cultivated in the Sabbatical year.  Ex 23:11; Le 25:4
      The spontaneous fruit of, not to be gathered during the sabbatical year.  Le 25:5,11
      Compensation in kind to be made for injury done to.  Ex 22:5
      Strangers entering, allowed to eat fruit of, but not to take any away.  De 23:24
      The gleaning of, to be left for the poor.  Le 19:10; De 24:21
      The fruit of new, not to be eaten for three years.  Le 19:23
      The fruit of new, to be holy to the Lord in the fourth year.  Le 19:24
      The fruit of new, to be eaten by the owners from the fifth year.  Le 19:25
      Planters of, not liable to military service till they had eaten of the fruit.  De 20:6
    Frequently let out to husbandmen  Song 8:11; Mt 21:33
    Rent of, frequently paid by part of the fruit  Mt 21:34
    Were often mortgaged  Ne 5:3,4
    Estimated rent of  Song 8:11; Isa 7:23
    Estimated profit arising from, to the cultivators  Song 8:12
    The poor engaged in the culture of  2Ki 25:12; Isa 61:5
    Members of the family often wrought in  Song 1:6; Mt 21:28-30
    Mode of hiring and paying labourers for working in  Mt 20:1,2
    Of the kings of Israel superintended by officers of the state  1Ch 27:27
    The vintage or ingathering of
      Was a time of great rejoicing.  Isa 16:10
      Sometimes continued to the time of sowing seed.  Le 26:5
      Failure in, occasioned great grief.  Isa 16:9,10
    Of red grapes particularly esteemed  Isa 27:2
    The produce of, was frequently destroyed by enemies  Jer 48:32
    The whole produce of, often destroyed by insects, &c  De 28:39; Am 4:9
    In unfavourable seasons produced but little wine  Isa 5:10; Hag 1:9,11
    The wicked judicially deprived of the enjoyment of  Am 5:11; Zep 1:13
    The Rechabites forbidden to plant  Jer 35:7-9
    Of the slothful man neglected and laid waste  Pr 24:30,31