Bible Verses About Walls

    Designed for separation  Eze 43:8; Eph 2:14
    Designed for defence  1Sa 25:16
    Mentioned in scripture
      Of cities.  Nu 13:28
      Of temples.  1Ch 29:4; Isa 56:5
      Of houses.  1Sa 18:11
      Of vineyards.  Nu 22:24; Pr 24:31
    Frequently made of stone and wood together  Ezr 5:8; Hab 2:11
    Were probably often strengthened with plates of iron or brass  Jer 15:20; Eze 4:3
    Of cities
      Often very high.  De 1:28; 3:5
      Strongly fortified.  Isa 2:15; 25:12
      Had towers built on them.  2Ch 26:9; 32:5; Ps 48:12; Song 8:10
      Houses often built on.  Jos 2:15
      Were broad and places of public resort.  2Ki 6:26,30; Ps 55:10
      Were strongly manned in war.  2Ki 18:26
      Kept by watchmen night and day.  Song 5:7; Isa 62:6
      Houses sometimes broken down to repair, and fortify.  Isa 22:10
      Danger of approaching too near to, in time of war.  2Sa 11:20,21
      Were battered by besieging armies.  2Sa 20:15; Eze 4:2,3
      Adroitness of soldiers in scaling alluded to.  Joe 2:7-9
      Sometimes burned.  Jer 49:27; Am 1:7
      Frequently laid in ruins.  2Ch 25:23; 36:19; Jer 50:15
      Destruction of, a punishment and cause of grief.  De 28:52; Ne 1:3; 2:12-17
      The falling of, sometimes occasioned great destruction.  1Ki 20:30
      The bodies of enemies sometimes fastened on, as a disgrace.  1Sa 31:10
      Custom of dedicating.  Ne 12:27
      idolatrous rites performed on.  2Ki 3:27
      Instances of persons let down from.  Jos 2:15; Ac 9:24,25; 2Co 11:33
    Small towns and villages were not surrounded by  Le 25:31; De 3:5
    Of houses
      Usually plastered.  Eze 13:10; Da 5:5
      Had nails or pegs fastened into them when built.  Ec 12:11; Isa 22:23
      Liable to leprosy.  Le 14:37
      Often infested with serpents.  Am 5:19
      Could be easily dug through.  Ge 49:6; Eze 8:7,8; 12:5
      The seat next, was the place of distinction.  1Sa 20:25
    Hyssop frequently grew on  1Ki 4:33
    Miracles connected with
      Falling of the walls of Jericho.  Jos 6:20
      Handwriting on the wall of Belshazzar's palace.  Da 5:5,25-28
      Of salvation.  Isa 26:1; 60:18
      Of the protection of God.  Zec 2:5
      Of those who afford protection.  1Sa 25:16; Isa 2:15
      Of the Church as a protection to the nation.  Song 8:9,10
      Of ordinances as a protection to the Church.  Song 2:9; Isa 5:5
      Of the wealth of the rich in his own conceit.  Pr 18:11
      (Brazen,) of prophets in their testimony against the wicked.  Jer 22:20
      (Bowing or tottering,) of the wicked under judgments.  Ps 62:3; Isa 30:13
      (Of partition,) of separation of Jews and Gentiles.  Eph 2:14
      (Daubed with untempered mortar,) of the teaching of false prophets.  Eze 13:10-15
      (Whited,) of hypocrites.  Ac 23:3