Bible Verses About Watchmen

    Soldiers generally acted as  Mt 27:65,66
    Citizens sometimes acted as  Ne 7:3
    Were stationed
      On watch towers.  2Ki 9:17; Isa 21:5
      On the walls of cities.  Isa 62:6
      In the streets of cities.  Ps 127:1
      Around the temple in Jerusalem on special occasions.  2Ki 11:6
    Paraded the streets at night to preserve order  Song 3:3; 5:7
    In time of danger
      Increase in number.  Jer 51:12
      Vigilant night and day.  Ne 4:9; Isa 21:8
      Reported the approach of all strangers.  2Sa 18:24-27; 2Ki 9:18-20; Isa 21:6,7,9
      Sounded an alarm at the approach of enemies.  Eze 33:2,3
    Vigilance of, vain without God's protection  Ps 127:1
    Were relieved by turns  Ne 7:3
    Danger of sleeping on their posts, referred to  Mt 28:13,14
    Neglecting to give warning punished with death  Eze 33:6
    Often interrogated by passengers  Isa 21:11
      Of ministers.  Isa 5:28; 62:6; Eze 3:17; Heb 13:17
      (Blind,) of careless ministers.  Isa 56:10
      (Looking for the morning,) of anxious waiting for God.  Ps 130:5,6