Bible Verses About Wave Offering

Wave Offering.
    Placed in the hand of the priest and waved before the Lord  Ex 29:24; Le 8:27
    Consisted of
      The fat, right shoulder, &c of the priest's consecration ram.  Ex 29:22,23; Le 8:25,26
      The breast of the priest's consecration ram.  Ex 29:26; Le 8:29
      The breast of all peace offerings.  Le 7:30; 9:18,21; 6:17,20
      Left shoulder, of Nazarite's peace offering.  Nu 6:17,19
      The first fruits of barely harvest.  Le 23:10,11
      The first fruits of wheaten bread.  Le 23:20
      The Jealousy offering.  Nu 5:25
      The leper's trespass offering.  Le 14:12,24
    Of the fat, &c of the consecration ram burnt on the altar  Ex 29:25; Le 8:28
    Was given to the priest as his due  Ex 29:26-28; Le 7:31,34; 8:29; 10:15; 23:20; Nu 18:11
    Was to be eaten in a holy place by the priest's family  Le 10:14