Bible Verses About Weights

    Generally regulated by the standard of the sanctuary  Ex 30:24
    Sometimes regulated by the king's standard  2Sa 14:26
    Were frequently used in scales or balances  Job 31:6; Isa 40:12
    Mentioned in scripture
      Gerah.  Ex 30:13; Eze 45:12
      Bekah or half shekel.  Ge 24:22
      Shekel.  Ex 30:13; Eze 45:12
      Dram.  Ne 7:70,71
      Maneh or pound.  Ne 7:71; Eze 45:12
      Talent.  2Sa 12:30; Re 16:21
    Value of money estimated according to  Ge 23:16; 43:21; Jer 32:9
    All metals were given by  Ex 37:24; 1Ch 28:14
    Provisions were sold by, in times of scarcity  Le 26:26; Eze 4:10,16
    The Jews
      Forbidden to have various.  De 25:13,14
      Forbidden to have unjust.  Le 19:35,36
      Frequently used unjust.  Mic 6:11
      Of sins.  Heb 12:1
      Of the restraints put on the elements.  Job 28:25
      (Heavy,) of the exceeding glory reserved for saints.  2Co 4:17