Bible Verses About Wells

    First mention of  Ge 16:14
    Frequently made
      Near encampments.  Ge 21:30; 26:18
      Outside cities.  Ge 24:11; Joh 4:6,8
      In the courts of houses.  2Sa 17:18
      In the desert.  2Ch 26:10
    Supplied by springs  Pr 16:22
    Supplied by the rain  Ps 84:6
    Surrounded by trees  Ge 49:22; Ex 15:27
    Names often given to  Ge 16:14; 21:31
    Canaan abounded with  De 6:11
    Many supplied from Lebanon  Song 4:15
    Mentioned in scripture
      Beerlahairoi.  Ge 16:14
      Bethlehem.  2Sa 23:15; 1Ch 11:17,18
      Beer (east of Jordan).  Nu 21:16-18
      Beer-sheba.  Ge 21:30,31
      Elim.  Ex 15:27
      Esek.  Ge 26:20
      Hagar.  Ge 21:19
      Haran.  Ge 29:3,4
      Jacob.  Joh 4:6
      Rehoboth.  Ge 26:22
      Sitnah.  Ge 26:21
    Often deep and difficult to draw from  Joh 4:11
    Often covered to prevent their being filled with sand  Ge 29:2,3
    Had troughs placed near for watering cattle  Ge 24:19,20; Ex 2:16
    Frequented by
      Women who came to draw water.  Ge 24:13,14; Joh 4:7
      Travellers.  Ge 24:11,13,42; Joh 4:6
    Strangers not to draw from, without permission  Nu 20:17
    Water of, frequently sold  Nu 20:19
    Were a frequent cause of strife  Ge 21:25; 26:21,22; Ex 2:16,17
    Were often stopped up by enemies  Ge 26:15,18; 2Ki 3:19,25
    Often afforded no water  Jer 14:3; Zec 9:11
      Of the ordinances of the Church.  Isa 12:3
      Of the Holy Spirit in saints.  Song 4:15; Joh 4:14
      Of the mouth of the righteous.  Pr 10:11
      Of wisdom and understanding in man.  Pr 16:22; 18:4
      (A fruitful bough by,) of Joseph's numerous posterity.  Ge 49:22
      (Drinking from one's own,) of enjoyment of domestic happiness.  Pr 5:15
      (Without water,) of hypocrites.  2Pe 2:17