Bible Verses About Wives

    Not to be selected from among the ungodly  Ge 24:3; 26:34,35; 28:1
    Duties of, to their husbands
      To love them.  Tit 2:4
      To reverence them.  Eph 5:33
      To be faithful to them.  1Co 7:3-5,10
      To be subject to them.  Ge 3:16; Eph 5:22,24; 1Pe 3:1
      To obey them.  1Co 14:34; Tit 2:5
      To remain with them for life.  Ro 7:2,3
    Should be adorned
      Not with ornaments.  1Ti 2:9; 1Pe 3:3
      With modesty and sobriety.  1Ti 2:9
      With a meek and quiet spirit.  1Pe 3:4,5
      With good works.  1Ti 2:10; 5:10
      Are from the Lord.  Pr 19:14
      Are a token of the favour of God.  Pr 18:22
      Are a blessing to husbands.  Pr 12:4; 31:10,12
      Bring honour on husbands.  Pr 31:23
      Secure confidence of husbands.  Pr 31:11
      Are praised by husbands.  Pr 31:28
      Are diligent and prudent.  Pr 31:13-27
      Are benevolent to the poor.  Pr 31:20
      Duty of, to unbelieving husbands.  1Co 7:13,14,16; 1Pe 3:1,2
      Should be silent in the Churches.  1Co 14:34
    Should seek religious instruction from their husbands  1Co 14:35
    Of ministers should be exemplary  1Ti 3:11
      Wife of Manoah.  Jdj 13:10
      Orpah and Ruth.  Ru 1:4,8
      Abigail.  1Sa 25:3
      Esther.  Es 2:15-17
      Elizabeth.  Lu 1:6
      Priscilla.  Ac 18:2,26
      Sarah.  1Pe 3:6
      Samson's wife.  Jdj 14:15-17
      Michal.  2Sa 6:16
      Jezebel.  1Ki 21:25
      Zeresh.  Es 5:14
      Job's wife.  Job 2:9
      Herodias.  Mr 6:17
      Sapphira.  Ac 5:1,2