Bible Verses About Wolf The

Wolf, The.
    Rapacious nature of  Ge 49:27
    Particularly fierce in the evening when it seeks its prey  Jer 5:6; Hab 1:8
    Destructive to flocks of sheep  Joh 10:12
      Of the wicked.  Mt 10:16; Lu 10:3
      Of wicked rulers.  Eze 22:27; Zep 3:3
      Of false teachers.  Mt 7:15; Ac 20:29
      Of the devil.  Joh 10:12
      Of the tribe of Benjamin.  Ge 49:27
      Of fierce enemies.  Jer 5:6; Hab 1:8
      (Taming of,) of the change effected by conversion.  Isa 11:6; 65:25