Bible Verses About Woman

    Origin and cause of the name  Ge 2:23
    Originally made
      By God in his own image.  Ge 1:27
      From one of Adam's ribs.  Ge 2:21,22
      For man.  1Co 11:9
      To be an helpmeet for man.  Ge 2:18,20
      Subordinate to man.  1Co 11:3
      To be the glory of man.  1Co 11:7
    Deceived by Satan  Ge 3:1-6; 2Co 11:3; 1Ti 2:14
    Led man to disobey God  Ge 3:6,11,12
    Curse pronounced on  Ge 3:16
    Salvation promised through the seed of  Ge 3:15; Isa 7:14
    Safety in childbirth promised to the faithful and holy  1Ti 2:15
    Characterised as
      Weaker than man.  1Pe 3:7
      Timid.  Isa 19:16; Jer 50:37; 51:30; Na 3:13
      Loving and affectionate.  2Sa 1:26
      Tender and constant to her offspring.  Isa 49:15; La 4:10
    To wear her hair long as a covering  1Co 11:15
    Good and virtuous, described  Pr 31:10-28
    Virtuous, held in high estimation  Ru 3:11; Pr 31:10,30
      Fond of self-indulgence.  Isa 32:9-11
      Subtle and deceitful.  Pr 7:10; Ec 7:26
      Silly and easily led into error.  2Ti 3:6
      Zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry.  Jer 7:18; Eze 13:17,23
      Active in instigating to iniquity.  Nu 31:15,16; 1Ki 21:25; Ne 13:26
    Generally wore a vail in the presence of the other sex  Ge 24:65
    Generally lived in a separated apartment or tent  Ge 18:9; 24:67; Es 2:9,11
    Submissive and respectful to husbands  1Pe 3:6; Ge 18:12
    Of distinction
      Fair and graceful.  Ge 12:11; 24:16; Song 1:8; Am 8:13
      Haughty in their deportment.  Isa 3:16
      Fond of dress and ornaments.  Isa 3:17-23
      Wore their hair plaited and adorned with gold and pearls.  Isa 3:24; 1Ti 2:9
    Of the poorer classes swarthy from exposure to the sun  Song 1:5,6
      Called maids.  Ex 2:8; Lu 8:51,52
      Called damsels.  Ge 24:55; Mr 5:39
      Called virgins.  Ge 24:16; La 1:4
      Gay and merry.  Jdj 11:34; 21:21; Jer 31:13; Zec 9:17
      Kind and courteous to strangers.  Ge 24:17
      Fond of ornaments.  Jer 2:32
      Required to learn from and imitate their elders.  Tit 2:4
      Inherited parents' property when there was no male heir.  Nu 27:8
      Could not marry without consent of parents.  Ge 24:3,4; 34:6; Ex 22:17
      Not to be given in marriage considered a calamity.  Jdj 11:37; Ps 78:63; Isa 4:1
      Often taken captive.  La 1:18; Eze 30:17,18
      Punishment for seducing, when betrothed.  De 22:23-27
      Punishment for seducing when not betrothed.  Ex 22:16,17; De 22:28,29
      Often treated with great cruelty in war.  De 32:25; La 2:21; 5:11
      Of distinction, dressed in robes of various colours.  2Sa 13:18; Ps 45:14
    Were required to hear and obey the law  Jos 8:35
    Had a court of the tabernacle assigned to them  Ex 38:8; 1Sa 2:2
    Allowed to join in the temple-music from the time of David  1Ch 25:5,6; Ezr 2:65; Ne 7:67
    Often engaged in
      Domestic employments.  Ge 18:6; Pr 31:15
      Agriculture.  Ru 2:8; Song 1:6
      Tending sheep.  Ge 29:9; Ex 2:16
      Drawing and carrying water.  Ge 24:11,13,15,16; 1Sa 9:11; Joh 4:7
      Grinding corn.  Mt 24:41; Lu 17:35
      Spinning.  Pr 31:13,14
      Embroidery.  Pr 31:22
      Celebrating the victories of the nation.  Ex 15:20,21; Jdj 11:34; 1Sa 18:6,7
      Attending funerals as mourners.  Jer 9:17,20
    Vows of, when married not binding upon the husband  Nu 30:6-8
    Unfaithfulness of, when married found out by the waters of jealousy  Nu 5:14-28
    Punishment for injuring, when with child  Ex 21:22-25
    To be governed by, considered a calamity by the Jews  Isa 3:12
    To be slain by, considered a great disgrace  Jdj 9:54
    Considered a valuable booty in war  De 20:14; 1Sa 30:2
    Often treated with great cruelty in war  2Ki 8:12; La 5:11; Eze 9:6; Ho 13:16
      (Gloriously arrayed,) of the Church of Christ.  Ps 45:13; Ga 4:26; Re 12:1
      (Delicate,) of backsliding Israel.  Jer 6:2
      (Chaste and holy,) of saints.  Song 1:3; 2Co 11:2; Re 14:4
      (Lewd,) of the Roman apostasy.  Re 17:4,18
      (Wise,) of saints.  Mt 25:1,2,4
      (Foolish,) of mere professors.  Mt 25:1-3
      (At ease and careless,) of a state of carnal security.  Isa 32:9,11
      (Forsaken,) of Israel in her captivity.  Isa 54:6