Bible Verses About Years

    The sun and moon appointed to mark out  Ge 1:14
    Early computation of time by  Ge 5:3
    Divided into
      Seasons.  Ge 8:22
      Months.  Ge 7:11; 1Ch 27:1
      Weeks.  Da 9:27; Lu 18:12
      Days.  Ge 25:7; Es 9:27
    Length of, during the patriarchal age  Ge 7:11; 8:13; 7:24; 8:3
    Commencement of, changed after the exodus  Ex 12:2
      Sabbatical.  Le 25:4
      Jubilee.  Le 25:11
    In prophetic computation, days reckoned as  Da 12:11,12
      (Coming to,) of manhood.  Heb 11:24
      (Well stricken in,) of old age.  Lu 1:7
      (Being full of,) of old age.  Ge 25:8
      (Acceptable,) of the time of the gospel.  Isa 61:2; Lu 4:19
      (Of the right hand of the Most High,) of prosperity.  Ps 77:10
      (Of the redeemed,) of redemption by Christ.  Isa 63:4
      (Of visitation,) of severe judgments.  Jer 11:23; 23:12
      (Of recompences,) of judgments.  Isa 34:8