Details for Norman Crawford - Creation Part 10 - Why do we believe the Bible?

Name:Norman Crawford - Creation Part 10 - Why do we believe the Bible?

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Intro: Conviction in the heart is not sufficient evidence to skeptics.

Gospel Preaching
Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10)

Faith comes from God.
Faith comes by hearing.
Hearing comes by the Word.

Proof of the Bible Reliability
Prophecy is the evidence of a divine author. 

The promises of the Messiah’s death were given centuries before  In his book, Science Speaks, professor of mathematics, Peter W. Stoner, applies what is known “the Law of Compound Probability” to show that the predictions of the Messiah are impossible to occur by chance.

Proof the Jesus’ Resurrection

The Bible is based on the historical facts of Jesus death and resurrection.  No historical event has more historic, objective evidence than the resurrection of Christ.

The stone was sealed; it was large and was moved.  The facts about the stone leave no doubt as to the miracle that occurred. 

The body was not stolen or moved.  It was resurrected.

Witnesses of the risen Christ were reliable.

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