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Name:Norman Crawford - Creation Part 8 - Genesis 1 Review

- “Fiat Creation” is the act of speaking things into existence. The Bible teaches that God created the universe by Fiat.
- The Book of Beginnings is the basis of our faith.
- Apologetics is a necessary teaching to strengthen our faith.
- Science is credible when science sticks to the parameters of observable, describable and repeatable studies.  Origins of the universe, life and humanity are not scientific study.  The Big Bang and Evolution are theories that are accepted by faith.
- The complexity of life is immeasurably too great to have happened by chance.
- The Bible must be without error if it is the Word of God.
- Uniformity and Evolution are twin theories.  Since evolution has never been observed, it must be assumed that the world has existed for billions of years to allow for evolution to occur.  The Flood, not billions of years, accounts for vast changes in geology to account for worldwide sedimentary rock layers.
- Microevolution, adaptation within species, is a reality that has been observed.  But macroevolution has no evidence in life or in the fossil record.
- Evolution is taught in schools as a scientific fact.  The social results of evolutionary thought have destroyed wholesome and healthy values.  Chaos results in our world.
- The cosmological argument for God is that all systems are inter-related.  Since the ecosystems of nature are inter-dependent, it is illogical to believe that each part evolved separately.  A plan demands a planner.
- The flood is the best explanation for the existence of large amounts of fossils.  Fossils, mineralized bones, are created by a very quick and deep burial that is followed by extreme heat and pressure.  Fossil beds are evidence of a geologic disaster.  Dinosaurs, huge plants and long-lived people came from a different climate before the flood.
- Scientists who teach evolution sometimes acknowledge that the idea of God is incompatible with their view of the world. 1 Peter 3 says the scoffers “walk after their own lusts.”  “They did not like to retain God in their knowledge.”
- Scientists do not have universal agreement about the validity of the Theory of Evolution.

Genesis 1

When was the beginning?

The Beginning was thousands, not billions, of years ago.  The history of ancient people goes back about 6,000 years.  By all we know in nature and scripture, the world is no older than 10,000 years.  Genealogies in Genesis provide a human history that dates back to 6,000 BC or 4,000 BC. 

Who is “God”?

“Elohiem”, “Us”, “Our” is a plural being.  By comparing verses in the New Testament, we know that the Son is the creator of all things. 


“Created” means to make from nothing.  Two Hebrew words are used to translate “made”. 
Bara - Hebrew word that means “create” (from nothing). 
Asah - The word means “form”.

The Bible uses these two words as synonyms, which prevents the interpretation of the “Gap” theory of v1 and v2.  God created an empty world that he then proceeded to fill with life.

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