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Name:Norman Crawford - Creation Part 5 - Q and A

1. In creation, what was the purpose of the tree of life since God banished Adam from the garden?

(Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden?)

2. Do you believe we are misled by the number of scientists who believe in creation?  The media doesn’t tell us about believing scientists very often.

3. Are the continents still drifting?

4. Scientist say that only 25% of the human brain capacity is used.  Why?

5. Was there an ice age?

6. What should our attitude be toward the environment?

7. Why are there not many human fossils found?

8. Why did men live longer before the flood than they do today?

9. What was the population of the earth before the flood?

10. How advanced was man before the flood?

11. Was the earth created to look “old”? What about the theory that God created an “old earth” similar to the fact that God created an “old man”?

12. What “form” did God make when he used dust to make adam?

13. Did death exist in any form before the fall of man?

14. Did Satan impart a fallen nature to Adam an Eve?  Where did the desire to sin come from?

15. Did the flood cause the tilt of the earth?

16. If Creation is true, should we not be using this in sharing the gospel?

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