What is a good commentary for Genesis and Daniel?

Which commentaries are the best helps to study these books?

The series, "What the Bible Teaches," is a valuable first resource for each book it covers. At present, it covers Genesis, but not Daniel. Most general commentaries recommended in Truth and Tidings January, 2001; February, 2001) have some help on these books.

For Genesis, commentaries on the Pentateuch recommended by J. McColl (April, 2001) will provide help. W H. Griffith Thomas on Genesis is highly recommended by both Wilbur M. Smith and Cyril J. Barber, whose evaluations of Bible study books are widely respected. Barber writes that Thomas book is "possibly the most helpful devotional exposition of Genesis available." Henry M. Morriss book, "The Genesis Record," is valuable, especially for scientific data.

On Daniel, Wilbur Smith (who had about thirty commentaries on Daniel, a favorite book of his) said that, if he could have only one book on Daniel, it would be Arno C. Gaebeleins, "The Prophet Daniel." Interestingly, Harold Paisley (before he wrote his good book on Daniel) considered Gaebelein to be the best on Daniel. Wilbur Smith wrote of Charles Boutfiowers book, "In and Around the Book of Daniel," that "in historical matters, it is the finest work of its kind in our language.

W. Gustafson