What are the Protocols?

What are the Protocols?
The word is derived from the Greek: prötos, first, and kolla, glue, and originally meant the first leaf glued to a papyrus roll. This bore the year of the king ruling at the time, and thus dated the roll. Reading the other day of the discovery of some papyri, the words occurred:
“They found a stray leaf close by which was supposed to be a protocol of one of the papyri.” Later the name was applied to the original copy of any writing, e.g., a treaty, and then it came to mean the rough draft of any transaction.
As showing the importance of these dated “protocols,” the following facts are of interest. The Higher Critics have sought in their general attack on the Old Testament Scriptures to unsettle the Biblical dates of the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Daniel. “Their scholarship makes it impossible (!) to believe it otherwise.” “All (!) scholars are agreed” that these books could not have been written in their place, as we have them. Such persons as are described in the two former books did not exist, and two Greek words for musical instruments* in the book of Daniel most probably bring its date down to the second century instead of the sixth, in which it claims to be written (!). However, in 1904-1907, some papyrus rolls written in Aramaic by Jews of Jeb were discovered in the island of Elephantine or Jeb, in the Nile, opposite Assouan, all dated with the names of Persian Kings of the fifth century, B.C.. In these occur the names of Biblical persons such as Sanballat and the high priest, Jehoiada, and his son, Jehohanan, and also three Greek wordsf more unlikely in their character to be found, than the two Greek words occurring in Daniel. These flimsy papyrus-leaves, preserved in the dry sand of Egypt, are found to negative the premature conclusions of the critics. Daniel belongs to the same epoch.
The word “Protocol” has come rather prominently before the public in late years in connections with “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a book purporting to be records of a world-wide conspiracy engineered by Jews. This work has proved to the satisfaction of very many to be a forgery by enemies of the Jews. It is, however, still used by Anti-semites on the Continentt (e.g., in German schools to-day) to stir up race- hatred against God’s earthly people.

William Hoste