About this site

Who manages this web site? 

Gospel Hall dot org is managed by Shad Sluiter.  He and his family have been part of the assembly that meets at the Marion Gospel Hall, Marion, IA (USA).  Currently they are serving as missionaries in Hermosillo, Mexico.  Jim Garvin at www.SiteAction.com provides the web server hosting.

Is this an Official Site?

The nature of assemblies who are represented on this site is that each congregation is an independent entity.  No official headquarters for the "brethren" exist.  However, the materials published represent the beliefs of these assemblies very well.

Why does this site exist?

Gospel Hall dot org began in 1997 as a way to share information about assemblies, to raise awareness of the gospel message and teaching about Christian living in a New Testament Church.

How can I contact you?

Please see the "contact us" section of the main menu. 

Where can I find the Gospel Hall Forum?

The ghf is managed at www.gospelhall.org.uk.

Where is the discussion page?

The online forum has been removed.  Unfortunately, some of the discussions were counter-productive to the goals of this site.

Do you accept new materials?

Yes.  If you have material suitable for publishing on this site, please contact me for details.  I am seeking full-text books,  mp3 files and other media content that is suitable for helping people grow in their christian life.  Look around the site to see what materials have been published to get an idea of what is needed.  There is no pay offered for any work submitted.  Editorial blogs or opinions are not needed at this time. 

If you are a php or Flash programmer, there are unfished projects that also need expertise.