Printable Word Scrambles

Printable Word Scrambles is a program that allows you to turn a phrase, such as a verse from the Bible or a quote from a famous speech into a printable word scramble worksheet.

Printable Word ScramblesClick here to go to step one of the printable word scrambles page.

Instructions for the Printable Word Scrambles maker

  1. 1. Type in a famous phrase or select a verse from the Bible to make into a word scramble.
  2. 2. The Word Scramble Maker will automatically select the longest words in the phrase, find letters that each word has in common.

3. The third step is simply to view the printable word scramble and print.


If your phrase does not make a very good printable word scramble, try adding a few more words to the sentence.  The word scramble program needs between 10 and 25 words, four or more having at least 6 letters.In addition to the printable word scrambles, you can make