What is the purpose of confessing our sins to God?

What is the purpose of confessing our sins to God?

1 John 1:9 makes it clear that confession is the key to enjoying fellowship with God and being fit to do His will.

When we confess our sins, we arent telling the Lord something He doesnt already know. We are confronting the problem - our sin - and beginning to recognize the seriousness of sin against God. Confessing our sins to God means saying the same thing about our sins as God does, agreeing with God. On becoming aware of his sin, the believer confesses, "Lord, that was sin." This is not mere lip service toward God, but is rather the response of devoted hearts honoring God by taking sides with Him against self and sin. This can ingrain Gods holiness into our heart and remind us of our proper submission to the Lord.

Contrition is a most valuable asset in Gods estimate. Confessing our sins and having "a contrite spirit" are closely related to each other.

In His infinite wisdom, God has ordained that personal, private confession of our sins brings us back to enjoying our salvation and our Savior. As we often learn, He has ways of dealing with us that make us marvel. Time has unfolded other benefits that we received because of the way God accomplished His work in us. The same may be true of confessing our sins. In addition to bringing us back to enjoying Himself, He may teach us many things through this means of dealing with our sins before Him.

D. Oliver