How can we prepare ourselves to worship the Lord?

What is the difference between giving "mini-sermons" to the Lord and worshiping at the Breaking of Bread?

Far too often, our worship consists of recounting some events in the Lord’s life, more details about His trials, mocking and abuse, and facts about His sufferings on the cross. It almost becomes ritualistic. He is worthy of so much more worship that we will ever be able to bring to Him and certainly of much more than ritual. We have an entire Bible that speaks of His worth. If worship is truly our highest occupation (Philippians 3:3), then we should devote to it our fullest endeavors and our greatest capacities (Mark 12:33).

This question points to a possible failure when a brother has diligently prepared his worship. Would a priest spend more time arranging wood than dividing and placing the sacrifice on the altar? The material gathered from Scripture is worship only to the extent that it has drawn our hearts to more deeply appreciate Christ. The appreciation of Christ is what delights the Father’s heart (John 4:23). Telling the Father the resultant worship is more important than telling Him all the background. The believers may not follow all the thought process that produced the worship, but they can heartily say "Amen" to the result. More important, the Father fully knows the depths from which the worshiper has drawn his worship.

D. Oliver