Debby Stickfort - Dunkerton, IA

Debby StickfortDebby Stickfort - Dunkerton, IA

Growing up I heard the gospel regularly. I believed all the things about God. I believed in God. But I was not born again. The first time I realized this was one snowy day.
It was snowing so thickly that you could not see beyond the hood of the pickup and the road was white and the banks had white piles of snow. My mom was driving and she noticed that I was nervous about arriving at our destination because of the low visibility.
She asked me don't you trust God to get us to our destination? No, I had to admit that I didn't.

One day I was arguing with my sister (she is 6 years younger than me) My mom turned to me and said, "If you could only see how silly it looks for you to be arguing this point with your sister when she is so much younger than you." What actually went through my mind was, my mom knows what a sinner I am, everyone else can see it and I know it.

Shortly after these incidents in my life some special gospel meetings came to our town. I could understand the story in theory but it was not personal. After the gospel meeting one night my thoughts were I am never going to get this.

The preacher shook my hand at the door and asked me how I was doing I said "worse". He then asked me if I had ever thought about what God did with me sin. No I hadn't. He turned to Isaiah 44:22 This verse says "I have blotted out thy sin as a thick cloud." Then he turned to another verse in Titus 1:2.  This verse says "God... promised eternal life and cannot lie."  In explaining to verse he said that what God says is true because He cannot lie. Right there God's salvation was mine as it was a personal God that was telling the truth to me personally and it was my personal sin that He had taken care of. I was very overwhelmed that God would do this for me. It is a vast relief to have my sin taken care of and that God loved and loves me so much He was willing to do this for me. This event took place on January 14, 1975.