Andrew Bergsma - Portage La Prarie, Manatoba

I am one of nine children, brought up in a conservative Calvinistic environment in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It was our custom to attend a Christian Reformed church, with a dutch service on Sunday mornings and in english at night.
At home the bible was read at every meal-time and believing that we were christians, we observed sabbath rest on the Lord's day.  Our separation from the world meant that we would never frequent the movies, play cards or use the name of the Lord in vain.
Because we lived five miles from our church and not having a car to go with which to drive we were forced to walk to church twice on sundays. According to our church practice we were not allowed to use the bus or street car on the Lord's day. Therefore, our parents found that to walk a third time to attend sunday school was expecting too much. In God's providential dealings with our family these circumstances proved to be God's way to bringing us in touch with the assembly at Old Cedar Cottage Gospel Hall where we attended their sunday school. 
It was then that one of the teachers took my brother John to hear the gospel during a series of meetings held by Sam McEwen.  The Spirit of God dealt with John who at the age of l5 found joy and peace upon believing.  During world war II he served in the air-force and during his stay in England met with christians who taught him the truth of  believers' baptism.  At the Bible conference in Bath, England he was baptized with others. When he returned home after the war, he identified himself with the saints at the Gospel Hall.   
It was John's genuine life as a believer in our home that made me consider my own relationship with the Lord.  He encouraged me to attend the fall conference at the Victoria Drive Hall, at which time I heard Sidney Maxwell and Theodore Williams preach the gospel.   Previous to this meeting I was questioning myself, realizing that I was religious but didn't have the liberty that others had in confessing Christ as my Saviour. 
On October ll, 195l after hearing these brethern I remained behind wanting to talk to these men.  It was Mr. Albert Joyce who showed me John 3:36 and asked me where I was in that verse.  As I read it carefully I realized that the whole human family was divided into two groups.  If you believed God's record you would possess eternal life. However, the opposite is also true. By not believing, the wrath of God then abides on the sinner.  At that point I took God at His word  and then I too could say by His grace I am saved. 
55 years have passed and His Word still asures me that I have erternal life.  Thank God His work upon the Cross that saves and His unchanging Word assures all who put their trust In Him.