Brian Elliott - Marion, Iowa

Brian ElliottI was privileged to be born into a family that believed the Bible was God’s Word. Growing up I frequently heard the message of God’s “good news” that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. However, God’s good news was always bad news to me. All it seemed to do was remind me that some day I was going to die and leave this world to meet God. It constantly reminded me I was going to hell. It wasn’t until the night of September 2, 1979 that God’s message became good news to me. I wanted to have my sins forever forgiven. I wanted to know for sure that heaven would be my eternal home when I left this earth. Sitting alone in the back seat of my parents’ car I told God I would just have to go to hell and that is where I deserved to go. There was no hope of heaven for me. I was unable to get to heaven on my own. Sitting in the darkness, my mind went to Calvary. As I thought of God’s Son hanging on the cross I understood, for the first time, that He suffered there for me. He took my place. He absorbed the punishment my sins deserved. Because He died for me I didn’t have to go to hell. That night I received God’s gift of eternal life—a gift that I can never lose; a gift that can never be taken from me.