Fernando Medina - Silver Springs, Maryland

Fernando MedinaA simple drawing on a piece of paper unexpectedly changed the direction of my life.   

I was born and grew up in Mexico.  Every day after school, my job was to take care of some cows that my family owned.  On one occasion, I arrived home took the cows grazing along the side of the road.  There was usually was a lot of garbage, paper, plastic and even a few dead animals that people had thrown as they drove by.  When I sat down under a tree I noticed an old discolored paper.  

I was studying graphic arts in school so I was always looking for a reason to draw portraits and landscapes.  The paper was faded because of the rain and sun.  What I noticed was not what the paper said, but the drawing it had.  It was something that I could draw for my graphics art class.  I couldn’t read everything it said because the letters were so faded but the drawing was very clear.  The only thing I could read was “Free Bible Class” Emmaus Bible School and their address.

We were a very catholic family. I was born the seventh of eight children.  It was a strict practice to always go to mass which I liked very much because I started playing the guitar in the church with the chorus.  Once in a while I was allowed to collect the offering.  I felt really good because of the confidence that the priest showed in me.  Once in a while, the priest would take me for a ride in his car to visit a few of my friends in Zamora.  It was then I was able to ask a few questions to the priest.  He had difficulty answering questions such as “Is there life after death?”Faded Paper Jesus on the cross

I wrote to the Emmaus Bible School address that was printed on the paper and received a free Bible, a study guide and a final exam.  The gospel of John was the part of the study that made me realize that there is life after death and that there is a real Hell.  Now I finally had the answers to the questions that my priest was not able to answer well.

Later another day when I was doing my homework I couldn’t concentrate very well.  The thought came to my mind that Christ paid for my sins.  I knew that he died for sinners, and that included me.  While lying in my bed, I put my notebooks to one side and closed my eyes.  I thanked my Lord for having paid for my sins.  I never did draw the picture on the paper but I was saved!

I was the only Christian in my world of Catholic friends.  They thought I was crazy.  They ignored me in their conversations.  I stopped going to the mass.  I found a charismatic Christian church where I was baptized.  However, all the yelling, crying and jumping around at the church services made me very uncomfortable.  

It wasn’t until 1991 when I met two men named David Alves and Paul Thiessen, who like Pricilla and Aquila (Acts 18) taught me the doctrines of the Bible more clearly.

Now I am married to Guillermina who also was saved sometime later.  I have three children: Ferdinando (9) Emmanuel (12) y Fernando (15) who also is saved.