Antonion Orsonio ~ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I was born in Mexico on May 27,1980. My family was not super religious, but I always thought we were a pretty good people. When I was 8 years old, I was baptized in the Mormon Church. I had no idea why and only did it because my Mom said I was supposed to.

My Dad was always very good to my four brothers and I even though he eventually became a heavy drinker. My Mom opened a barbershop in the our front yard in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

One day in 1993, someone slipped under our door a Bible Verse Poster (Text) of John 3:16 and an invitation to some gospel meetings. The next day, they got confused and did it again.

My mother went for a few nights because she thought God was trying to tell us something. He was! A few nights later, she got saved. Sadly, my father never had a real interest in salvation. I didn’t either at first. All I wanted to do was go to the movies, do what I wanted to do and have fun.

My mother succeeded though in getting us to as many meetings as she could in the Gospel Hall in Puerto Vallarta. Slowly my worries began to grow as I learned about my sins and about salvation. It bothered me more and more that I was not saved.

Two preachers from the Gospel Hall, David Alves and Paul Thiessen began special gospel meetings in an area of Puerto Vallarta called Majisterio.  I realized in those meetings, like Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes, that everything I thought was fun in life was really empty. The only thing that matters in life is being saved.

I became so desperate to be saved I finally asked the preachers for help. I thought I knew everything in the gospel. I knew I was a sinner and if I died I would go to hell. I had no doubt that I deserved it. However, I just couldn’t figure out how to be saved.

On February 18, 1994, I was talking to the preachers. They asked me all about my sin and judgement. Everything seemed dark. I couldn’t figure it out. When they asked me about the death of the Saviour, I knew He died on the cross to pay for sins. Then one of them asked me, “If He didn’t die for His own sin, then who did He die for?”

Right then and there I understood that He died for me! The gospel was clear at last. I knew on that night for the first time that I was going to Heaven because the Bible says that Christ died for my sins.

My Dad died a few weeks later. I hope he was saved and went to heaven but I can’t say for sure. I’m so glad, though, that when I die, I KNOW I WILL GO TO HEAVEN because of what my Saviour did for me. Do you have Christ as your Saviour?