Sarah Kember ~ St. Marys, Ontario

My parents are Christians and my Dad is a gospel preacher. I went to meetings all the time and learned all about the gospel. I stayed out of trouble and always would say I wanted to be saved. One summer, a man came to preach the gospel with my Dad in a tent in the small town of St. Marys where we lived. I sat through all the meetings and talked to the preachers. But the tent came down and I was not saved.


It was the summer of 1995 when I received a letter in the mail from a good friend of mine. He knew about the series of tent meetings starting in July with my dad and Mr. Jon Procopio. He wrote to encourage me not to let another series of meetings pass by, to start thinking about salvation. He said I should get down to business before the meetings even started and get the matter of salvation settled.


July came, the meetings started, but still I seemed unmoved. Both Dad and Mr. Procopio tried night after night to answer any questions I had, but days turned into weeks and I was still lost.


The meetings ended the first week of August, and I thought back to the letter my friend John had written me telling me not to wait until the meetings were over to start thinking about salvation. This really bothered me, to think that another series had come and gone, and I had never gotten serious about my soul.


I picked up my Bible, mostly out of habit, to read a few verses before going to work, and as I was closing my Bible, a statement that one of the preachers made the night before came to my mind, “it’s either now or never.” For the first time in my life, this really hit me hard. I decided that it was either now or never, and that work could wait. I was not leaving the house until I got this matter settled. I had been fooling my family, perhaps even the preachers, into thinking that I really was concerned. Now I realized that I could never fool God. He knew every one of my thoughts.


I picked up my Bible again and tried reading a few more verses that are familiar but got nowhere. I was terrified and beginning to panic because the reality of my sin and lost condition before a Holy God hit me hard for the first time in my life. I got down on my knees and cried to God for mercy. I knew I did not deserve salvation and if I got what I deserved I would have already been in hell. Not knowing what to do next, and feeling completely helpless, I turned again to the Bible. I looked down the page to Romans 5:8 which says, “But God commendeth His love towards us, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” I realized right there, that I was the lost sinner God was talking about, and Christ had died for me.