Feona Jean ~ St. Lucia

I knew that my life was meaningless and useless because it was going nowhere. And I had no idea why! I felt that God had somehow forgotten me. I felt that someday I would just “evaporate” and that would be it! I went to every gospel meeting that I was invited to. I went because I never fell asleep like I usually do if I what I am listening to does not hold my interest. And everything they spoke about always held my interest. I did listen. So why did my life still feel hopeless and empty?


I wanted so much to have a genuine change in my life. Any change that would make me feel better. Every time I entered the Ciceron Gospel Hall, I would hear brother Moses speaking about being cast into the lake of fire. Somehow I pictured myself being thrown in and I would wonder, “Would that ever happen to me”? But later on I would forget. Then there would be another visit to the hall. This time brother Moses would be saying: “Sinner friend, will you let Christ into your heart? Will you be saved tonight, sinner friend?” It was then that I realized that he was talking to me. I made my decision to get this matter settled no matter what the cost.


Immediately, things started to change in my life. At home I would think about the lake of fire, my fear of it, and, at church, I would be think about my Salvation. I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour and the Lord of my life on the 18th of December 2001.


When I got saved it was a wonderful thing! Getting to know Jesus Christ was like a secret that I finally discovered! And I had to now let it out. Right now I can finally let the light that fills my soul shine openly for the world to see! I have to announce my new found freedom!


A freedom that has left me eager and fulfilled. Eager to learn more about His greatness, and fulfilled, because now there is nothing that I lack. It is a freedom that leaves me counting my blessing when I sing the words: “ When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.” And yes, I will be there. It has made me realize too, that anything is possible when you put faith in Jesus Christ and announce Him as your Lord and personal Savior.


So when I wake up each morning, feeling refreshed and spiritually alive, I see it as another day to be praising the Lord Jesus for giving me this privilege.


I believe with all my heart and soul that Jesus Christ died to save me and that He will serve me as my lawyer, when the Day of Judgment is here. I’ve been saved! I am a changed soul and will remain that way until the good Lord takes me home.


So will you not join me today and be saved? It will be the last best thing you have ever done. May God bless you all.