Stu Thompson ~ Sherman, Michigan

stu thompson

Stu Thompson lives in Sherman, Michigan.

 “Oh God, No!”

Those were the first words I spoke as I dropped to the ground. Lying on the grass that hot June Sunday, I knew that God’s hand had touched my life. A collision with a competitors crashed motorcycle on a dusty moto-cross track had left me with a severely broken leg. My plan for a summer full of racing was now over.    My parents hoped this accident would be some sort of spiritual wake up call for me, but I determined not to let it hinder my way of living. Even with a plaster cast from hip to toe I went on to live the summer to the fullest, but without God.

Five months later, still in my cast, while I watched from the sidelines my best friend crashed practicing for an up-coming race. The paramedics hoisted his dirty, limp form from the track and I struggled into the ambulance with him.  The 15 mile drive to the hospital seemed like for ever. The sober manner and intense radio exchanges of the paramedics with the hospital were a powerful voice telling me, "Death is real.  And my buddy is not ready for this!" He slid into deep unconsciousness and upon arrival at the hospital was not responding. Wonderfully, two days later, he awoke. Later he returned to full-health, but I never was the same inside.  Through the fall and winter though still “having fun”, I was often reminded that I was not ready for life after death. I was not prepared to meet God.

New Year’s Eve found us at a party.  But even in the middle of a party I was troubled about my future in eternity. The next day while returning home, my companion lost control of his car on the ice glazed road.  As the tires skidded helplessly we came within a moment of a head on collision!  When the car finally came to a halt, it's headlights shining into a deep roadside ditch, I let out a sigh of relief.  But the thought stormed into my mind, I could have gone into eternity!
Two weeks later, my parents' church started a series of nightly messages. I went a few times to hear these messages, but I was struggling with an internal choice: continue pursuing fun or turn to God. The Bible made it very clear that the first choice would eventually find me lost for eternity. As I wearily undressed for bed, my mind was in a turmoil about what I had heard in the messages.  It was clear to me that God could not accept me into heaven the way I was. I had known for years that the Bible said I was a sinner. But now I fully realized that my sins would take me to hell. I needed forgiveness, or as God's word says, to be saved, but I could see nothing but darkness. There was no hope! Just then, another thought from the Bible flashed into my mind, “Christ died for me.”
Sitting there in my bed it was all settled. One moment I had been in dark turmoil now I had total peace! I was saved, saved from Hell!  My sins were forgiven!
I looked down at a pamphlet I had started to read about being saved, and there was a Bible verse that I had known as a child, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”. Yes it was true, I had just believed in Christ. His death on the cross had been for me. I had peace, I turned out the bedroom light and I went to sleep.