3 things the Sunday school leader should accomplish

3 things the Sunday school leader should accomplish

1. Communication

A team of teachers works best when there is good communication.  Teachers, elders and all who have an interest in the Sunday school should be able to clearly identify what the goals of the assembly Sunday school are.Make these planning meetings enjoyable by meeting for a meal, prayer and talk about the status of children and families in the community who attend.  Make the meetings effective by having an agenda... 

Yearly Meetings

Once a year, teachers should set priorities and dates for events they would like to accomplish.  Some events might include a Sunday school program, a picnic, meetings in community centers, etc. A yearly calendar of activities is a good tool for making sure that important events are planned and executed instead of being left on the back burner of good intentions.  To help facilitate the creation of such a calendar, use the suggested questionnaire at the end of this page for a discussion starter. 

2. Coordination

Quarterly Meetings

Every few months, teachers should meet to review the status of each class and their students.   Teachers should share with one another what they taught over the past few months and what they plan to teach in the near future.  You do have a plan, correct? Make this a time to discuss needs of students and appropriate age placement.   Make a log of what each class is learning and share it with the group so that themes are not duplicated or important ideas are overlooked.  Pray for the students who are in your care.Here is a sample of notes taken from one year of teachers meetings. 


  Class #1  Class #2
Class Roster: MitchGraceAvrilHope BenCourtney ChristyJacobIsaiahKyle Holmes 
Q1 topics Creation Miracles, 4 hearts
Q2 NT Stories Life of David
Q3 OT Stories  Judges
Q4 OT cont. Gospels
Class #3 Class #4 Class #5
ZachLukeCameronBrittany H.KimJessicaJordan KatieAnthonyAnnetteDannyBrianne  CaitlynCarissaMaggieAnna
Miracles, Parables Mark’s Gospel Timeline of the Bible
Children of the Bible Discovering Acts Assembly Teachings
Luke Book Study: “The Person of Christ” Book Study: “What does God have to do with who I am?”
Gospels Kings Life Goals

3. Edification - helping teachers improve

Use the annual teacher's meeting to get input from people about what they liked or didn't like about the Sunday school in months past.  Find out where the weak points are in your Sunday school and work to improve them.

A survey may be the tool to help you get input from everyone - not just the vocal minority.

Sunday School Teacher Survey

Please rate the following and return to the Sunday school leader’s mailbox.  The results are anonymous but the summary will be shared with the teachers and elders. 

Put an X in the appropriate box.

1 = strongly disagree2 = disagree3 = neutral opinion4 = agree5 = strongly agree
Teaching Environment







1. My classroom is a nice place to teach.          


2. I feel excited about teaching on a typical Sunday.          


3. I am positively challenged with my role as Sunday School Teacher.          


4. My job is viewed as important to the assembly.          


5. One thing I would like to change about my teaching situation is:  




6. The Superintendent is competent to lead the Sunday School.          


7. The Superintendent addresses issues quickly rather than ignoring them.          


8. The Superintendent keeps the team well informed.          


9. The Elders are helping the Sunday school prosper.          


10. One thing I would like to change about the Sunday school leadership is:  


11. We have a clear plan for where we are headed.          


12. I agree with the direction we are taking.          


13. One thing I would like to change about our priorities and goals is:  


Which of the following activities are (or would be) valuable investments of my time and money?   1 = bad idea2 = no value3 = neutral opinion4 = high value5 = A “must do”


  1 2 3 4 5
Sunday school picnic          
Sunday school displays          
Sunday school program          
Children’s meetings in the hall – at least one week per year          
Children’s meetings in other locations – schools, community centers etc.          
Sunday school teacher’s learning workshop          
Quarterly teacher meetings          
Prize Day          
Other activity suggestions that we should consider in the future: