Sunday School Lesson 828 The Believer's Story God's Undeserved Favor / Redemption

Lesson: 828
Lesson Name: The Believer's Story
Theme: Grace: God's Undeserved Favor / Redemption

Reading: Ephesians 2:1-22

Memroy Verse: Romans 5:10
Memory Verse Text: When we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son.

Point 1: Notice in this passage - the verbs that are in the past tense - he is talking of something we once "were"! Similarly Romans 5:6,8,10. Dead - because of sins. Walked according to the "course of this age" and seemingly encouraged by the Evil One and his emissaries. Our manner of life showed our lusts and nature. Speaking of Gentiles - we had no covenant with God, no promises, no hope and no God.
Point 2: We were without Christ - alienated and strangers. The only things we had to our credit were things we didn't need. Sin, distance from God,
Point 3: Notice the verbs and indications that are present tense. NOW v13,19. We or ye are v5,8,10. Quickened v5. He is -v14!  Nigh v13. Now therefore ye are NO MOREv19. There are more.
Point 4: And not only so - but look for the future tense too v14. Then trace it all to the cause - great love v4, He came v17, grace v8, gift v8.

Notes: This is a passage that needs to be studied together with more mature children or young believers.  Do not assume that just because students are in a church Bible class setting that they are Christians.

Activity Idea: Power Point presentation - "A Lesson from Echoes" - a story about responding to evil with good.